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Reliable Snow Removal Services, Tree Hedging, Tree Pruning, Tree Cutting & Other Lawn Care & Maintenance Services in Toronto

If you are thinking about hiring a snow removal, tree pruning and hedging, lawn care and maintenance service provider in Toronto, Scooby Enterprises Inc. is the company to call.

We specialize and offer a wide range of services to fit every company’s needs in Toronto and surrounding areas. From snow removal, tree pruning and hedging, tree cutting and trimming, lawn care and maintenance, and bin disposal and demolitions, we have all your needs covered.

Since the company’s inception in 1999, Scooby Enterprises Inc. has been committed to serving Toronto and surrounding areas with fast and efficient snow removal, tree pruning and hedging, bin disposal and other lawn care and maintenance services. Our commitment to provide quality service at affordable prices is the reason why many property owners in Toronto trusted and preferred us for their snow removal and lawn care and maintenance needs.

Why Choose Scooby Enterprises Inc?

  • Family Owner & Operated Company in Toronto
  • High Quality Yet Affordable Snow Removal, Tree Care (Pruning, Cutting & Hedging), Lawn Maintenance & Other Services
  • Business Since 1999
  • Team of Experts in Tree Care & Lawn Maintenance
  • High Quality Snow Removal, Tree Pruning & Hedging Equipment
  • Large Inventory of Bins
  • Environmentally Friendly Disposal Services
  • Trusted & Preferred Company in Toronto

Form Summer Maintenance to Winter Snow Removal in Toronto, Our Services Are At Your Fingertips

At Scooby Enterprises Inc. it has been our top priority to provide only the quality services to our clients in Toronto. It is also our goal to always provide the best prices available for our snow removal, tree pruning & hedging, lawn care and maintenance and bin disposal services. We are happy to offer our services in Toronto and surrounding areas.

Snow Removal Services

As winter approaches, many commercial complex and townhouse owners in Toronto do not have to worry about their snow removal needs as Scooby Enterprises Inc. will always be there and available for them during the winter months. From snow plowing, snow blowing, snow shoveling and eco-friendly ice control, Scooby Enterprises Inc. has all your snow removal service needs covered. Our snow removal professionals in Toronto will come out and rid your business of ice and snow so you don’t have to worry about injuries and falls. We ensure the certainty that your staff and customers stay safe when the bad weather hits.

Lawn Care & Maintenance Services (Tree Pruning, Hedging, Cutting & Trimming)

Scooby Enterprises Inc. has been the go to and trusted lawn care and maintenance professional in Toronto since 1999. Our team of professional lawn care and ground maintenance experts treats every property as if it was ours. From grass cutting and trimming, tree pruning and hedging to spring and fall clean up, we have the right tools and experience to provide your Toronto property with reliable lawn care and maintenance services.

Getting a healthy and beautiful lawn and garden isn't rocket science, but it does take time, patience and the right service provider. You can contact Scooby Enterprises Inc. for all your lawn care, tree pruning, hedging, cutting and other maintenance needs in Toronto.

Bin Disposal Service

Do you need quality bins in Toronto? Looking for environmentally friendly disposal service in Toronto? Scooby Enterprises Inc. can help you. Known for our large inventory of bins at affordable prices and environmentally friendly disposal services, we serve the needs of demolitions, constructions and industrial clients throughout Toronto and surrounding areas. We also offer complete demolition services providing experienced cleanup crew.

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For all your snow removal services, tree pruning and hedging, bin disposal and other lawn care and property maintenance services in Toronto, contact Scooby Enterprises Inc. today. Start your project with us and call us at 647-818-4954 or send us an email at

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